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My Teaching Philosophy
Most people believe that string instruments are very difficult and that slow progress is something everyone should expect. We have all seen the few who seem to easily excel, and most assume that they do so due to a mysterious talent. I disagree with all of these assumptions. 

I believe that a person's ability to learn an instrument is not luck or talent, but is dependent on the ability of the teacher to reach the student both mechanically,  psychologically, and emotionally. 

I enjoy the process of unlocking the keys to each student's learning. I always share with my students the reasons for holding or moving a certain way and explain to them ​at their level exactly what skill or technique they are to learn on a particular piece. I continually search for better ways to reach students to make playing violin a joy and an adventure.

I love teaching and the many challenges of communicating concepts to students. One of my specialties is to help students who come to me stuck at a particular level. I enjoy the challenges of analyzing what is holding that person back and then helping the student break through to the next level.

In addition to teaching, Ms. Rieser plays in Sacramento's Camellia Symphony and in occasional chamber ensembles. She has taught children's string orchestra for 14 years in both public school programs and at summer camps. Ms. Rieser is a firm believer in the need for music in the schools and is working with a group of teachers in Sacramento who are trying to keep string programs alive despite lack of public funding for the programs.

"I would recommend Ronit Rieser in a heartbeat! Look no further!" mom of 12 year-old student
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